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Will meet your treatment goals with a holistic biological, social, and psychological approach.

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Jacob is located at a convenient location steps from Bakery Square, in Pittsburgh's Shadyside neighborhood.

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Broad experience with thousands of patients and a wide variety of conditions.

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Expert Psychiatric services in Pittsburgh, PA

Depression Treatment

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What Patients Say about Jacob

Here are just some of the various reviews Jacob has accrued over the years. 

Recent Patient

It was a joy having dr mcbride as a doctor. He is very smart. I looked up to him and just let him treat me knowing he knows what he's doing. Doctor McBride is exceptionally gifted and has gotten me better pretty quickly.

Current Patient

Highly recommend Dr. McBride, he knew a lot and was very helpful to get on the right medication. He was empathic and warm and seemed to understand what I was going through. Highly recommend.

Current Patient

Jacob is a caring doctor that does what is best for me. I feel like I’m in good hands with him.

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