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Psychosis Treatment

Psychosis Treatment

To hear a sound or voice without being sure its real; to see something and suspect your eyes are playing tricks on you; these are more common human experiences than you would think.

When these experiences become problems, especially if accompanied by difficulty in thinking clearly, a physician can help. Those presenting with the above can expect:

1. A comprehensive assessment of the biological, social, and psychological factors involved in the case *Review of relevant records (best to bring them with you)!

2. Collaborative development of a treatment plan that may include:

A: Use of medications where appropriate.

B: Discussion of psychological issues relevant to the case.

C: Referral for consistent psychotherapy where appropriate, usually to another professional.

D: Behavioral interventions, with a focus on lifestyle and habits.

E: Other treatments such as dietary supplements, light therapies, or referral to more intensive treatment programs.

The evidence is clear that medications should be considered seriously in cases like this, and patients can expect that I will give recommendations accordingly. Even so, I will work to develop a holistic, whole-person view and develop a collaborative plan

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